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SG-1 sat around the briefing room table. They'd just gotten back from P5X874 and were filling the general in on the scientific, cultural, and strategic benefits of the place. As usual Hammond sat at the head of the table. Jack sat on his right and Sam opposite Jack one the general's left. Teal'c sat beside Jack and Daniel next to Sam. Daniel was going on and on in his usual enthusiasm for anthropology.

Sam suddenly felt something touch her leg. She moved but whatever it was followed and began rubbing up and down her calf. By now she could tell it was someone's foot. She immediately looked at Jack, it had better not be anyone else. His eyes sparkled at her confirming her suspicions. She frowned at him and move her leg again. Again he followed.

She lifted her foot to kick him in the knee. To her horror he caught her foot and held it in his lap. She slipped down a bit in her chair and carefully pushed herself up. She looked at the others. They all seemed to be watching Daniel and hadn't seen her slip. She let out a silent sigh of relief and tried to pull her foot away. He only held it tighter. She begged him with her eyes to let her go, but he simply looked at her as if to say What? She shook her head at him and again tried to free herself.

He smiled and began to stroke her ankle and lower leg. She inwardly groaned. She steeled herself against him. He wouldn't break her. She wasn't going to laugh or give herself away in front of the general no matter what he did.

"General Hammond?" Teal'c asked after waiting for a break in Daniel's monologue.

"Yes Teal'c?" Hammond gave him permission to continue. He was glad for a break in Daniel's briefing.

"May I get Major Carter another chair? She appears to be falling off this one." Sam glared at Jack, who was trying his hardest not to laugh. He let go of her foot.

"It's okay Teal'c, I'm fine." Silently she vowed to get Jack back for this. Just as soon as she could think of something.


lotsa love, butterflies and chockie covered colonels, Heather

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