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Season: Future Season

Author's Note: Thanks MaraJade, Jedi and Lightinglady for your beta powers.

To everybody, this is my first attempt at writing from Sam's POV and also to add a little humor in a romantic story. Feel free to give me whatever critic (even reviews will be appreciated, lol) you deem necessary.

A thunderous ringing pierced through the silver lining of her dream landscape.

Moaning an unintelligible complaint Samantha Carter lifted her head slightly and stretched out an arm to reach for the phone that was screaming for her attention.

"What?" She croaked in a tired voice. Her eyes shut closed under their own accord and her head fell back on the cushion.

"Carter, did I wake you?"

"Sir, do you know what time it is," Sam sighed under her breath in frustration, "What's wrong?"

"Uh…why does there need to be something wrong?" the words came out slightly slurred. This immediately caught Sam's attention. She pushed herself upright on one elbow, crystal-blue eyes snapped open.

"Sir, have you been drinking by any chance?"

"Nope…maybe…okay just a little bit."

"Really?" Sam could not resist asking sarcastically. She was now more than convinced that her superior officer, Colonel Jack O'Neill was indeed drunk.

A long silence followed.

The only noise that was heard in the background was the soft sound of traffic blaring and - could that be – a music chime playing gently in the wind. It sounded very familiar but for the life of her she could not place where she had heard that melodious tune before.

"Colonel, are you still there?" Sam could feel all sleepiness evaporating in an instant from her body. She was actually starting to get worried about her positively annoying, but oh so cute, late night caller.

Another even longer silence followed.

"Sir, please!" She was sitting up straight now, fingers of concern crawling down her back.

A small chuckle was the only answer she received at first from the other side of the line. The soothing music from the wind chime started singing again, this time longer and louder.

"Told space-monkey and T I was going to serenade a beautiful lady tonight," he continued in a whispered voice. It almost sounded as if he was sharing a big secret with her.

That was it. She was now positively sure that her Colonel - oops that was suppose to be `The Colonel' - had lost some of his marbles since the last time that she saw him.

"Wh-hat?" There was absolutely no way that she could admit that she heard him crystal clear the first time round.

The tune played once more accompanied by the strong baritone strength of a man's voice humming along, "Say that you love me…And then I'll be yours…"

Okay, that was it. There was no doubt about it. She had actually woken up in an episode of the Twilight Zone, although a very interesting, promising one.

"Colonel…Sir… are you…okay?" was uttered very hesitantly.


Then it hit her like the full force from a Jaffa weapon.

That chime…that tune…now she knew why the music sounded so familiar to her.

With a "No way!" she jumped up and rushed to her front door, almost tripping over the pair of Air Force issue high heels that she had discarded recklessly before she went to bed a few hours ago. The phone laid forgotten on her bedcovers.

As she entered her living room she slowed down a bit and one hand raked through her messy bush of blond-tangled hair to try and find some semblance of normality. She was at that moment acutely aware that she was only dressed in a sleeveless white tank top and her very old, much faded, favorite pink baggy pants. Not to mention that she was barefoot, in her haste she totally forgot about that matter. Ah well you win some, you loose some.

A faint knock sounded from the other side of the door.

"Carter, are you there?"

A small mischievous grin played across her lips, two can play this game. Very softly she tiptoed to her front door and peered through the peeping hole.

Yep, there he was standing, still his troubling handsome self. But why was he still in his full dress uniform? His farewell party was over…uh…well she could not really recall at what time it ended, but it was quite some time ago.

"Carter, come on. I'm freezing my butt off out here.



"Oh for crying out loud!

"Major I'm giving you a direct order. If you don't open this door right this instant I'll…"

A lock rattled and the cursed door flew open.

"You'll do what…Sir?" With a frown playing between her eyes she lent against the doorframe, arms crossed. Inwardly she laughed silently at the shocked expression on his face, his mouth hanging slightly open. Oh yeah, she so still had it in her to rattle him good now and again.

To his credit, and her dismay, he composed himself way too quickly. A small tug on his uniform and the slow way in which he put away his cell phone was the only evidence that he was still maybe at a loss for words.

"So..." he started, dark brown eyes looking up to meet hers in a chemistry filled look.

Sam shivered as she felt that all too familiar `feeling' passing through her body.


"Major," he said with a slight nod of his head.

An uncomfortable silence followed, but still their eyes refused to break away from each other.

Sam cursed silently under her breath. Crap, is that all that she and the Colonel were going to say to each other all night. Maybe she should try to break the silence…anything would be better than the awkwardness that was currently between them.

"Sir? What are you doing here so late, or early depending on how you look at it. I mean it's only like what...2…3 am in the morning. Not that something like that has ever bothered you before…"

Double crap. Now she was her usual rambling self. Nicely done Sam, you really know how to deal with an `explosive' situation.


"Sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound rude, it is just that…"


"…it has been a very long night, and I'm really not myself at the moment…"

"Sam…" She knew she was sounding like a bumbling idiot, but she was so scared all of a sudden that he might decide to leave and then…

"…I…can I maybe invite you in for some coffee?"

"SAMANTHA! Will you just shut up and listen to me."

Again that very awkward silence, her lips were shut closed and no matter how hard she tried she could not force them open.

"Now, that's better. Now do you know why I'm here?"

She had a faint suspicion, but her mouth and throat still refused to cooperate. The only thing she was able to master was a shake of her head.

The gentle chuckle sounded up again and her Colonel, yes he was so definitely `her Colonel', took a few steps closer until their faces were almost on a collision course.

Jack reached out a hand and tugged away a few wisps of blond hair playing hide-and-seek across her eyebrow.

"What are you here for?" if she had the strength to move now she would have knocked herself senseless against the closest wall. `What are you here for,' give her strength. She sounded like a sophomore that only recently discovered she had something like hormones playing around in her body.

"Ah, I don't know. Maybe, so that I can do this."

Two hands cupped her face and before she could say or do anything his lips landed on hers ever so gently.

Her hands reached out uncertainly. Should she, or shouldn't she reciprocate. Ah what the heck.

She leant in a bit closer towards the radiant warmth of his body, he did say it was cold out there after all, and found herself circling her arms around his neck. One hand made its way slowly to the strands of silvery-grey hair that she always found so sexy at the back of his head.

Hmmm, man he tasted deliciously.

Seconds slowly ticked by.

The world outside continued on its merry journey but for the two people standing in a lover's embrace time appeared to be standing still.

A wind picked up and small raindrops starting pouring from the heavens above.

Beautiful music from the wind chime serenaded the couple in response.

Reluctantly Jack forced himself to come up for some urgently needed air. His hands refused to follow orders; they were glued to the flushing face of his beautiful Major. One thumb actually had the audacity to stroke the sensual contours of her recently kissed lips. He could feel his body starting to react in all sorts of hormone- driven ways.

Easy Jack, rain in the horses. Remember your promise to Daniel that you were going to take it slowly, be gentle with her.

"I see you have good taste."

It was her time to be confused.


"My birthday present, the wind chime," he replied and with his head he nodded towards the golden pipes hanging just above their heads.

"What did you think I was talking about?" he continued with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Sam grinned and placed her head on his shoulder, sighing in content.

You had to give the man his dues – he had taste, and she was not just talking about the chimes.

The heavens decided at that moment to open up in full force, but neither the man nor the woman could care one bit.

What was a little wetness when you have finally came home to the embrace of the one you love?

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