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"How's the fish?"

"Same as when you asked me five minutes ago."

"Oh ... ok ... Just checking."

They have been sitting next to each other on the peer for hours just staring at their respective fishing poles.

It was suppose to be very *intimate* with just the two of them alone and so closed to one another but neither of them seemed able to find a way to breach the wall of uncomfortable silence that has started ever since they arrived at Jack's cabin.

After seven years of adhering to the chain of command and all the regulations that it entailed it was near the impossible to forget overnight that he used to be Colonel Jack O'Neill and she Major Samantha Carter. Even the fact that as from the day before both of them were officially civilians, retired with full honours from the Air Force, didn't make it easier to approach each other as friends on a first name basis nor as potential love interests.

That is why when Jack invited her to his cabin for a nice quiet weekend of fishing he stated that no strings were attached. It would just be a weekend of getting to know each other and to let fate decide on their destiny.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Guess so."

"What's the chance of you starting to call me Jack?"

"I guess the same as for you starting to call me Sam."

"Well *Samantha* do you think you can drop the *Sir* and start calling me Jack."

Hearing the friendly sarcasm in his voice her head whipped to the side to stare at him. A frown developed between her eyes as she evaluated his comment.

Jack just stared back at her with a daring hopeful expression in his eyes.

It was Sam who broke the silence first with a small mischievous lopsided grin playing across her face. Her whole head bended slightly to the one side and her eyes narrowed as she pretended to consider his request very seriously for a moment but after a while she just shook her head at Jack.

"Nah, I don't think so."

"What! Why not?"

"Because ... "

"Because ... ?"

"Because I haven't received the necessary motivation yet."

Sam's cheeks turned a slight reddish blush and in a manner she was horrified at her ability to so openly flirt with the man that was her superior officer only twenty-four hours ago.

"So ... "

"So ... "

Minutes ticked by slowly one by one, as both of them seemed unable to take that most important step that would cross the gap between friendship to something more.

It was eventually Jack that mumbled an "Oh for crying out loud Sam", and before she could formulate a response he wrapped a hand around the back of her head and ever so gently pulled her closer to plant a soft gentle kiss on her forehead.

With his hand still behind her head he lifted his face and searched her eyes for confirmation to take the next step. Sam's fingertips slowly started tracing a path first through his silver hair and then down the back of his neck where it rested hesitantly before she cupped his face ever so gently in her hand and whispered his name with an invitation in her voice.

Kissing the inside of her hand a smile curled the corners of Jack's lips before he bended his head again to claim her mouth in a kiss full of the hunger of years of suppressed emotions.

When they both started registering their surroundings again, after a couple of minutes, no words were uttered but none were needed. Two pair of eyes met each other and they knew that no matter what the future might hold for them their souls were linked for the rest of their mortal existence.

Eventually Jack stood and pulled Sam up and with his hand wrapped around hers they started walking back to the cabin. As they approach the front door Jack's arm went around Sam's middle and one could hear a light playful exchange between them.



"I lo ... well you know."

"Shhhh, don't worry I know."

"You do?"


"How ... wait let me guess woman's instinct."

As the door closed behind them Sam's laughter vibrated through the air, "It's for me to know and you to find out."

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