Story Notes: Status: Complete

Season/ sequel: Season 9

Spoilers: Major ones for abyss and hearoes2, basically jeneral nowledge of the show

Archives: SJD yes

Date: July 21st 2008

Authors notes: Not my idea but i kinda helped.. enjoy!


Jack O'Neill was sitting by his desk in the Pentagon. Before him were spread many classifies cases with which he had stopped being occupied a log time ago. At this moment his eyes were focused on a certain spot on the wall ahead of him. He'd been reflecting on a matter that seemed to be very amusing to him for a smile had appeared on his lips.

"General O'Neill, sir?" said a voice next to him, that brought him back to reality from his thoughts.

"General" the voice repeated "You have a phone-call waiting for you from General Landry".

It was his secretary, "Thanks Mike" said Jack O'Neill

"Sir!" saluted the young soldier and left the office.

O'Neill picked the phone up and said "Hank! How are you, you old coot?"

"I'm okay, umm...Jack?"

Suddenly there was a silence on the other side of the line. It seemed as though Landry was picking his words vary carefully, to say the least. It was enough to send a stream of shivers up and down his spine and Jack understood that something was definitely wrong. As the General started speaking, he had Jack's full attention.

"Jack, I thought you would like to know that SG-1 had fallen to one of Ba'al traps while on a normal recon mission. I sent SGs 3 and 5 after them. There are still no news of their situation but they are scheduled to return very soon…"

"I'm on my way to the base" suddenly interrupted Jack, with a very concerned look on his face "Thanks Hank" he added and left his office in a hurry.


"Incoming traveler, incoming traveler!" announces Sergeant Walter, as the Stargate began its movement.

"Are these SGs 3 and 5?" asked Gen. Landry as he entered the control room.

"Still no signal sir...wait! It's SG-3's signal sir, they are under heavy fire!"

"All teams, entrance under fire, clean intentions, watch our men!" called the General to the defense teams inside the gate-room.

"We're coming in!"

"Copy that... we're ready, medical teams to the gate-room, stat!" yelled Landry to the loudspeaker system while fire was coming from the Stargate.

Suddenly, all members of teams 3 and 5 entered the gate-room accompanied with Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c, both injured. When the last man went through the gate Landry ordered to close the iris fallowed with the sergeant's "Closing the iris" announcement. Gen. Landry immediately went towards the gate-room.

"Sir, we rescued Dr. Jackson Teal'c, they both require medical attention, and some of my men are also suffering from minor injuries"

"Take them to the infirmary. What about Col. Carter?"

"We assume she's been captured by Ba'al. When we arrived we saw Daniel and Teal'c lying on the ground. We started to treat them when a group of Jaffa came at us on a frontal attack. Apparently both men were left there as bait."

"Do you have an idea when or how she's been captured?"

"From what we figured from the locals," he continued "Col. Carter was taken aboard Ba'al's ship, which landed on the planet. We had neither the access to the place nor the time to get there. Sir, the whole place is fortified".

There was an awkward silence when somebody said "Then we find a way in!!" it was Gen. Jack O'Neill.

"Jack, you arrived sooner than I had expected you to"

"How are Daniel and Teal'c?" he said, while turning his head from Gen. Landry to Lt. Richards

"Teal'c is suffering from internal injuries and Daniel has a broken wrist and some flesh wounds" said Dr. Lam.

"What does Ba'al want from Col. Carter?" He asked again

"We couldn't figure it out, sir" said Lt. Richards.

"Okay lieutenant, go to the infirmary and get yourselves checked, debriefing in one hour. Jack, may I have a word with you please?"

Jack nodded for agreement with the same expression of worry on his face.

"Jack," started Landry "I know you are worried and we will do our very best to save Col. Carter".

"I know, that's why I'm joining this mission"

"Jack, you know I can't do that, with everything that has happened… the only reason I told you is because you've asked me to give updates on what is going on here, and I knew that news of your former team-mates would be very important to you, that's it…"

"Hank! It will be valid only in two days!!"

"I…" started Landry, but as soon as he saw the look Jack gave him, he stopped immediately " Hank, I have to go out there, no one in this base knows Ba'al's facility better than me!"

"I didn't say…" Gen. Landry looked at Jack amazed.

"I didn't expect anything else Hank, he is using her to get to me" Landry bent his head for a moment and said "That's another reason why you shouldn't go over there. It only proves the fact that this is a trap…"

"Right, and that's exactly why we'll be able to prevent it..."

"Jack, I…" said Landry, but before he could say another word he already got from Jack's eyes that there is nothing he, or anybody else for that matter, can do to change his mind.

"Fine Jack, the moment SGs 3 and 5 return from the infirmary you will join them at the debriefing."

"Thanks Hank" Jack O'Neill looked at him with a smile of gratitude on his face.


"Lt. Reynolds describe us the situation on that planet"

Lt. Reynolds got up from his seat and started speaking. "After we had picked up Daniel and Teal'c we had a significant number of Jaffas on our tails. I suppose that if we go there again they will be waiting for us at the gate."

"How many will be waiting for us at the fortress?" asked O'Neill. "About fifteen were patrolling the territory but I'm sure there are many more". Gen. Landry passed his gaze between Lt, Reynolds and Gen. O'Neill with an obvious look of concern on his face "Jack, I'm not sure about all this, this is hostile territory you're getting into with lot's of Jaffas hanging around… it's not that I don't want to rescue Col. Carter but…" and before he could finish O'Neill interrupted "It'll work!! We've been through this kind of stuff before, we have Intel on the outside of the fortress and no one knows its inside better than me!"

"Okay, okay… fine Jack, you won but I still need to do something about the Jaffa waiting for you at the gate, or this rescue mission will become a slaughter!"

"Why don't we use missiles?" suggested Daniel Jackson who was standing at the door of the debriefing room.

"Dr. Jackson, you should be in the infirmary, recovering"

"Yea, I get that a lot" he said and gave Jack a very meaningful look. Jack, on his side, grinned slightly and said "It could work, it's been done before" Landry passed his look from Jack to Daniel and nodded for agreement. "Sergeant! I need two missiles with a GPS capability brought to the gate-room ASAP! Jack, get your team ready, you're leaving in 1800 hours".


The teams were standing at the base of the ramp when the missiles were put in place. "General, the missiles are ready sir"

"Thank you sergeant. Walter, dial the gate".

"Yes sir. Chevron one encoded… chevron two encoded". While Walter was announcing the stargate's status, Landry addressed Gen. O'Neill and said "Jack, I'm signing SG-12 with you, you will need someone to guard the gate whilst you're gone". "Thanks Hank" said Jack while looking at the opening gate. "Chevron seven is locked" announced Walter

"Send in the missiles" ordered Landry.

"Direct hit sir, targets have been destroyed" said Walter.

"Send in the P.R.O.B" called Landry.

"Sir, the P.R.O.B confirms the hit, the gate is clean".

"Thanks Walter. Well Jack I guess it is time to go". Landry gave him a smile and said "Bring her back home". Jack nodded and returned the smile "SGs 3, 5 and 12, you have a go" As they went through the gate O'Neill addressed SG-12's commander and said "Capt. Johnson secure the gate, contact every round hour. If we're not back by 2200 hours go back to earth".

"Yes sir!" he saluted and went to debrief his men.

"The ship is mostly hidden by the forest" said Lt. Richards as they were going into the woods "However, the locals showed us an easy way in, in case we need to get to the ship undetected".

"Good job lieutenant, time to use the element of surprise"

"I don't think they are going to be very surprised giving the fact that…" "Then we'll make them surprise lieutenant!" said O'Neill and raised an eyebrow.

At first they moved slowly, the forest was very dense and Jack understood why Richards had preferred to go back to the gate. "I guess that's where you found Daniel and Teal'c" while pointing with the gun towards the trees and bushes around them which looked like they've been hit by staff weapon and the p-90's teams 3 and 5 had, plus, there were many Jaffa dead bodies lying around.

"Yea, I can't say we weren't expecting them but they did catch us by surprise. I assume Daniel and Teal'c were left here to draw us to them. Luck was definitely on our side that day."

When they finally got to the ship, they found it covered with vegetation, which made finding the entrance much more difficult. "This way, sir" pointer Lt. Richards.

"Ba'al already knows we're here, we weren't too quiet when we arrived" said O'Neill and addressed SG-3's commander "Lt. Mathews, you and your men will secure the entrance to the ship, we will probably retreat under heavy fire and I want to keep that door opened when we get here"

"Yes sir!" said Mathews and with that O'Neill and SG-5 entered the ship.

As O'Neill expected, a loud alarm greeted them as they went into the ship. "Now it's my turn" said Jack quietly while they were moving inside the ship. He remembered this place all too well. It was a very bad memory for the time he was forced to be implanted with a symbiot in order to save his life. It eventually led him to be captured and awfully tortured by Ba'al.

"The prisoners are held deep inside the ship, I'm certain we'll find Col. Carter there" said Jack. Lt. Richards didn't say anything and nodded for agreement. "We need to…" Jack started but voices and flashes from staff weapons interfered with his words. Three Jaffa appeared before them in one of the corners they were approaching but after few minutes of exchanging fire there was silence.

"Is everyone Okay?" asked Jack and was answered with a chorus of "Yes" behind him. "Good, after me everybody, it's not very far". A few minutes later they encountered a bigger group of Jaffa and the fire being exchanged was heavier. Couple of minutes before the two Jaffa left were down, Jack felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, it has been scorched a bit and luckily he wasn't hurt significantly. "Damn! I told them we need sleeves with these vests!" he said between his teeth as they entered a big chamber with four rooms equal in their size. "It's here" he announced and they spread to look for Col. Carter.

"She's here!" he heard a voice behind him. "But how…?" said Richards at the sight of the room "These rooms have a different gravity or something and it will change when we turn this thing" Jack explained and pointed at a round thing on the wall.

They looked at Carter, who was lying on the cell's floor "She is too far from the ground and will be hit severely when we'll change the gravity" mentioned Richards "But I'm afraid we'll have to take the risk or we won't have a way to get her out of there" Jack nodded in agreement but the obvious expression on his face indicated his dislike for the situation.

Once they changed the gravity a small bump was heard as Sam's body hit the ground and with a small sigh Jack hurried towards here direction. He kneeled to her side and checked her status. His fear was just as he saw her unconscious and bruised. Suddenly she opened her eyes and with a vague expression on her face she yelled "I don't know anything! You won't get anything out of me!!" and a moment later she went back to her previous posture and lied unconscious in Jack's arms.

Gen. O'Neill stared at her for long moments and jumped to the sound of Richards' voice saying "We're not alone!" Jack took Sam in his arms and carried her to where his men were.

"Two ahead and two at the back, maintain a close structure!" Jack ordered above the shooting sounds as he tried to protect himself and Sam's helpless body. The sounds suddenly stopped but their progress remained surprisingly slow. The resistance was high and kept appearing in small-going differences of time.

"Lt. Mathews" whispered Jack into the radio "we are close to your position and we need some help" he was confirmed with Mathews' "Yes sir" and they kept moving and encountered another group of Jaffa which appeared before them. Before the shooting began they received a radio massage saying "Let's surround them with both sides". A second later the heard staff-weapon blasts being shot and as planned SG-3 joined the battle.

Minutes later, the shooting stopped and they got to the entry to Ba'al's ship. "Any troubles?" Jack asked Mathews "Two patrols but no problem"

"Good, now we need to get through the forest. Hell, this is like a bad computer game!"

Inside the woods their progress was still slow and the only thing that consoled Jack was that the chances to meet patrolling Jaffa were decreasing each passing moment for the forest was very dense and there were countable tracks through which they could pass and reach them.

It was a slow and quiet walk. "Sir, do you need any help?" suggested Lt. Richards but got no comment from Jack, who kept walking with a sealed expression on his face. His concern for Sam grew with every passing moment.

When they came out of the woods they heard shots. SG-3 ran to help the surrounded members of SG-12 when they heard it; two death gliders passed above them as Jack gathered all his remaining strength and yelled "This is our only chance to go through the gate!"

SG-5's men together with Jack ran towards the gate while SGs 12 and 3 kept shooting at the Jaffa. They were all covering Richards as he was dialing the address to earth.


"Sir, I'm receiving SG-5's iris code" announced Walter when the gate was activated. "They are under fire" he said as Gen, Landry stood next to his left. "Here we go again…open the iris. Clean targets, watch out men!!"

After few moments of only staff-weapon shots getting through the gate, the members of the SG teams started coming in. As the last one got through Landry ordered "Close the iris, medical teams to the gate room, stat!!"

Jack O'Neill said nothing but hurried towards the infirmary still holding Sam in his arms.

"What's her condition?" asked Dr. Lam as she was following Jack's steps "I don't know she's been unconscious for two hours now" he answered.

"Trauma?" she asked as he laid her on one of the beds.

"She hit the ground really bad when we tried to rescue her". Dr. Lam raised and eyebrow to those words and asked "What are these from?" while pointing at the holed in Sam's shirt "Ba'al uses acid for purposes of torture"

"But…" she opened but was cut-off by Jack who continued the explanation at the questioning look on the doctor's face as she saw no evidence for injuries "he uses an acid- contradictory right afterwards" he said and looked at Sam's face for long moments in silence.

"Well, I don't see a serious injury but she will need a couple of days of rest. I want to make sure that there is no concussion or internal injuries which I can't detect at the moment. Meanwhile, I'll go check on SGs 3, 5 and 12 and send someone to treat this wound of yours" her eyes rested on his wounded shoulder and left the room.

Jack continued to stare at Sam's face for long moments. He managed to forget about his own injury and knew what was more important for him right now. After a nurse had bended his shoulder and left the room without a word he sat on the nearest bed to Sam's.

Long minutes have passed and he felt sleep claming him as his eyelids became heavy and his eyes began to shut. He realized he fell asleep only when Daniel put his hand on his shoulder. "Jack, you have a room in this base, go to bed and get some rest. I'll take over your place. She will be fine" he said and looked at Sam.

"I know, but I'd rather stay here for a while longer"

"You sure?"

"Yea" he said shortly and his eyes had gazed back on Sam's closed eyes. "How are Teal'c and the rest of the men?" he asked suddenly "Teal'c is better and he will be able to leave the infirmary in a couple of days. The others have some minor injuries but I can see that you are the one who got injured" he pointed at his friend's bad shoulder.

"Nah, that's nothing. Say, why didn't Col. Mitchell go to the mission with you guys?"

"Oh, he took a special vacation since his grandmother got hospitalizes a week ago".

"Oh, is she Okay?"

"I don't know, he didn't say much when he left. So, are you staying here?" he asked.

"Yea" Jack answered shortly.

"Fine then, I'll be back later" he said and with no further discussion he left the room and left Jack alone with Sam.

Suddenly Jack heard a movement next to him from Sam's direction "De ja vu" she said. "What?!" he asked with an obvious confused expression "It's the second time I wake up and find you sitting there". A light smile spread over his face and with eyes full of tenderness he asked "How are you feeling?"

"I've been better" his smile widened compared to hers.

"How are Daniel and Teal'c?" she asked with a more serious tone of voice.

"Daniel's fine, he broke his hand lightly, Teal'c needs to stay in here for a little while but he'll be fine. However you will have to stay for observation a bit longer"

"What?! But I…" she started but he cut her right off "the Doc says that for now she can't know if you have some hidden injuries so she wants you to stay here for further observation".

"But I feel fine! My muscles are a bit sore but other than that…" she started rising to seed but he stopped her right away. While holding here firmly by her shoulder their eyes met and they looked at each other for a moment. She felt as if he was trying to tell her something but instead he let go of her and said "Aahh... Umm... Dr. Lam wants you to rest. You're in a sensitive situation…"


"Carter! I'll make it an order if I have to!"

She smiled with appreciation for his concern. "Yes sir, but I think I'd rather pass those days at home". He raised an eyebrow at her "You sure you don't have anything to study? You don't have any doohickeys needed to be played with?" she laughed and he said "Don't take any unnecessary chances, I want you to heal properly".

"No guaranties" she said and he smiled "Take care of yourself" she smiled as well "I will". He looked at her for a moment longer and with the famous Jack O'Neill smile, she knew he saved only for her, he left her to rest.


Sam was sitting at her house listening to music from the little radio resting on the counter near her bed. Her muscles still bothered her but she felt better and was scheduled to return to the base by the end of the week.

It was late in the afternoon, yet she was a bit tired, when she heard the doorbell ring. She got up and went towards the door in order to see who it was. "Who is it?" she asked.

"Sam, it's us" said Daniel's voice behind the closed door. She opened it and saw Daniel, Teal'c and, to her surprise, Jack standing in her doorway "Oh hey guys, come in"

When they all were seated on the couches and wooden chairs they started talking. At first they were small-talks but when old private jokes reappeared and they started laughing at and with each other it soon felt like in the old days. It was only when one of them glimpsed at the watch that they found out it was late and was time to go each to his own home. They reminded each other that it has been too long since they all gathered together like this and that they should do it more often.

When the last one of her friends left, she closed the door and went to clean up the living room since she knew tomorrow she won't have the time to. She barely managed to lift that bottle Daniel dropped when Jack told one of his jokes, when she heard knocks on her door. At first she thought she imagined them and ignored them, but when they were heard again she went to the door and asked, the second time that evening "Who is it?"

"Umm… it's me" it was Jack. She opened the door and asked "Sir, is everything alright? Did you forget something?"

"Umm… no" she glared at him with interest "Can I come in?" he asked and she answered "yea, sure" with an embarrassed giggle wondering why she didn't invite him in the first place.

"I need to tell you something" he started as he walked into the room he sat in a few moments ago.

"Oh?! What is it?"

He turned to face her and looked right into her blue questioning eyes. "I quit" he said with a small grin.

"What?" she asked not sure if she heard him right.

"I quit" he repeated, with an odd glimmer in his eyes. She felt a shiver she never experienced before while their eyes met, again, in a penetrating look.

"So, what's that mean?"

"It means…" he said walking slowly towards her as she felt her heart beating faster and faster "It means that I can't live without you any second longer" he continued while his hand moved a strand of hair from her face to behind her ear, his gaze penetrating the deepest parts of her soul. "It means that I…" now both of his hands cupped her face as her heart threatened to burst out of her while she listened to the words she longed to hear for years but never got out, couldn't get out "I…" in his touch she could feel his own heart raising "Sam, I love you!"

Those words, hearing her name so tender on his lips never got close to what she imagined and dreamed (and boy how many times did she dream of him saying this) it would be like.

Their eyes never left each other, her hand now cupping his face, holing and caressing "Oh Jack! I love you too! More than I ever dreamed was possible"

And with that he leaned towards her, slowly, and could see her eyes darting between his eyes and his mouth and then their lips met, for the first time, after nine long, painful, full of secret craving, longing and desire years.

At first it was soft, but the kiss soon grew to a more passionate yet sweet, demanding and possessive yet gentle on-going and never ending kiss.

Their lips explored the other's mouth wishing to discover the secrets that have been held in them through all that time, while hands explored and caressed bodies, needed to be touched, drawing the two closer and tighter, while sending shivers and trails of fire through both of their backs. Tongues were fighting for control finding the spots that made the other whimper, moan and sigh of pleasure.

Never wanting to stop and willing to prolong this moment forever, they had to come up for much needed air. So, not leaving the other's embrace, they broke the kiss and gasped and fought to take their breathing under control.

They went to sit down on the couch, hugging and holding each other for dear life, neither wanting to let go of this moment that served as a dream they didn't want to wake up from.

"Jack?" she said suddenly, her voice breaking the magical silence. She only now was aware of how new his voice sounded on her lips as she pronounced it with so many emotions in her voice; she never believed she could have for another person.

"Yes?" he asked, his strong muscular arms holding he tight and warmly as she rested softly against his chest.

"I love this"


"This, being here, with you holding me like that. Had you only known how much I've dreamed of this" she said and rested even deeper against him.

"I suppose not as long as I have" he said and kissed her softly. She couldn't believe her ears. It was as if she died and went to heaven where all her dreams about him and longing for him to say those words had come true.

They sat this way for long hours, looking each other in the eyes that mirrored their feelings, whispering love words each one secretly hoped to hear and hid them from the world, and sometimes even themselves, for so long.

When the clock rang three times was when they realized how late it was, and was then when Jack said "I'd better go"

"Why?" Sam asked, worried that he'd regretted what they were doing, and rose from his embrace.

"Because you need to rest" he said shortly, his hand caressing her cheek.

"Then stay with me" she asked and was still holding him, refusing to let go.

"Honey, only god knows how much I'd like to stay but we both have things to do tomorrow. And besides, if you don't rest, how will you have the strength to come over to my place tomorrow for dinner?" he said with a mischievous grin on his lips.

"You're cooking?" she asked with an expression of doubt on her face.

"You don't think I'm up for it?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

"You'll need a heck of a lot of beer" she teased.

"Hey!" he laughed.

"Oh Jack! I love you so much"

"And I love you, my beautiful blonde, blue eyed angel" he responded while getting up on his feet and asked "Walk me to the door?"

"Sure" she answered.

"I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yea-sure-yabetcha" she said with a smile. As they got to the door he put his hand on her cheek, his hands caressing her lips "Bye Sam"

"Bye Jack" she said, putting her hand on his and closing her eyes to the feeling of pleasure his touch was making her feel. They stood like that for a moment absorbing the past hours' events. He then turned around, went towards his trunk and with final glimpse at her he turned on his ignition and drove off of her house.

She stood there and watched his car drive away until it vanished and then went inside and smiled at herself with confidence that she won't fall asleep until she sees him again.


From the moment she woke up her mind was occupied with one thing and one thing only; Jack O'Neill. It made it harder to concentrate and she was finding her self looking at the watch more often than ever.

As the evening approached she went to her room and after long minutes of scanning her closet she picked a stunning black dress with much cleavage she now knew she could afford wearing in front of the love of her life. Shortly she was on her way to Jack's house. She parked her car near Jack's driveway and waited a couple of minutes in her car before she approached his door.

She was about knock on the door when it suddenly opened up and she saw Jack standing there with Black jeans and a classy-Jack-O'Neill light blue T-shirt. *He looks so handsome and oh-god is this man sexy* she thought to her self as she arrived at his doorway and he neared her while looking into her eyes.

After long seconds of anticipation, he finally said "I've been thinking of you all day" gently kissing her lips.

"As was I" she said with a smile

"Come in" he said and led her into his house. As she entered his home she noticed the table he'd set up with candles on it. As a military man and a closed person who doesn't let his guars down and his feeling show very often, she was surprised to find out how romantic he could be. He suddenly went behind her and gave her flowers he hid behind his back.

"Oh Jack! You shouldn't have!" she said and felt her cheeks blushing.

"If not for you, love, then for whom? I'm just sorry I couldn't give them to you earlier"

She turned around and embraced him strongly "Sit down" he started "I'll go get…"

"Bear?" she teased "Hey! Don't even go there! Do you know how much trouble it took me to pull all of this off?!" he said smiling as she sat on the couch waiting for him to arrange the table for eating. Shortly afterwards they sat down to eat and spent the meal chit-chatting about whatever came up.

After they had finished their, surprisingly tasty food to Sam's opinion, Jack held out his hand to her and said "Shall we dance my lady?"

"Yes we shall" she said taking his hand and they swayed to Bryan Adams' "When You Love Someone". They could see the reflection of their feelings in each other's eyes.

The song then changed and he took her hand and they sat in his porch watching at the darkening sky with the shining stars. Sam then said, breaking the romantic silence, "We've to them all…"

"Almost" Jack pointed out smiling as she got comfortable in his lap.

"Of course we can't see all of them but…"

"Sam…" he interfered as he saw her science-babbling coming.

"Sorry… old habit" she said as she embraced him closer.

"Sam" he said with a suddenly serious expression on his face while his hand was searching for something. And then she saw it; the dark-blue box he was holding in his hand. As though by order she heard Boy-Zone singing in the background while he kneeled before her.

"If I asked would you say yes? Together we're the very best And I'll give you my best Every day I love you"

"Samantha Carter, will you make me the happiest man on the face of this, and others, earth and marry me?"

Her eyes were tearing as he stood on his feet. "Well?" he asked with full anticipation in his eyes. She said nothing. Instead she threw herself at him and hugged him. He held her hand and asked "Is that a yes?" while he was taking the gorgeous diamond ring out of the box.

"Yes! Yes!! Oh GOD Jack, a thousand times yes!!"

He put the ring on her trembling finger and kissed her passionately. They sat back down in each other's embrace looking at the stars. "Sam" said Jack suddenly.

"Mmm??" she asked with a sleepy voice.

"We'll need a cake" he said.

"Oh Jack…" she said and tightened her hold at him.


"So let me get this straight" said Daniel while he helped Jack to put his jacket on "You weren't in the military for all this time and you never told me?!"

"The papers were only officially confirmed two weeks ago" answered Jack.

"Oh. Wait a minute, it means two days before you went to rescue Sam"

"Officially, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have been able to join the mission but I talked to Hank and he eventually agreed that I go out".

"Which means that you gave him no other choice…?"

"Yup… exactly…" said Jack with a wide grin on his face.

The two men walked towards the lovely garden where all the wedding guests were seated. Jack and Daniel joined Teal'c and Cameron at the front as the music started.

Cassie, Sam's made of honor, approached the altar slowly. Jack and Sam were like parents to her since Janet died and she couldn't think of any two people who deserved each other and were fit for one another like the two of them. She arrived at the altar and stood to Jack's right. When the "Here Comes the Bride" melody started to intensify Daniel whispered to Jack's ear "When did you plan all of this?" and when Sam started walking down the isle with that pure white beautiful dress he answered "From the first moment I saw her".

A broad smile had spread on his face as he looked at the woman of dreams, the owner of his heart, the mother of his future children and the love of his life walking towards him with that big smile he knew was guarded only for him. She looked more beautiful than ever. As she stood next to him their eyes locked for long moments. When the priest started talking they turned to look at him

"Dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today to unite Jack and Sam in the holly matrimony. Jack, do you have the rings?"

"Yes sir" he smiled and looked at Sam.

"Shall we begin then?" they both nodded. "Samantha Carter, do you take this man, Jonathan Jack O'Neill, to be your lawful wedded husband to protect and cherish him for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, until deaths do you part?"

And with glimmering eyes holding the tears back she said "I do"

"And you, Jonathan Jack O'Neill, do you take this woman, Samantha Carter, to be your lawful wedded wife to protect and cherish her for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, until deaths do you part?"

He looked at her with utter love and devotion in his eyes and said "I do".

"Jack, please put the ring on Sam's finger" and he did so without pulling his gaze from hers "Sam, please put the ring on Jack's finger" she repeated Jack's actions with eyes full of tears she could not longer hold back.

"Good, if anyone protests this holly union, speak now or forever hold your peace". With trembling bodies they looked around and when no one spoke, the priest said "Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, by the power given to me by the state of Montana, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife in this life which you will share together may your individuality make your love stronger. Jack, you may kiss the bride"

"Oh God! I thought you'd never ask!" and he bended down and inclined her in his arms, just as he did when he was trapped in the time loop, and took her mouth in his for many long moments. This time the kiss was soft and filled with all those little nuances, which had revealed to them by chance through all these years, full of hints for the future and with love so great that even death in self will not be able to brake.


The End

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