Story Notes: SPOILERS: 100 days



SUMMARY: Laira's thoughts

ARCHIVE: SJA, Heliopolis yes (if they actually want it)


STATUS: Complete

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I once read at the top of a fic that every Stargate writer has a 100 Days piece. 100 Days was on yesterday, and I’ve decided that this is mine.

FEEDBACK: Look at it this way: if you like it positive feedback can get me to write more, and if you don’t like it then flames can get me to stop.

I hate her! No, I take that back, I don’t hate Major Carter. I can’t hate her because he loves her. If I hate her then I have to hate my memory of him as well. My final memory of him, is of him walking away from me-with her. I know he hurt her when he brushed her off to say goodbye to me, but doesn’t she realize that he’s brushing me off to go HOME with her. I don’t think either one of them realize the depth of their feelings. He told me that a part of him would never be able to let Earth go. When he gave me his seed he whispered her name. It was then that I realized that the part of him that couldn’t let go was his heart, or maybe even his soul. I damn Major Carter because she took 101 days to find a way through the gate. If she had taken one day less, neither Jack or I would have to live life with the memory of that night. He thinks of it as a mistake, a betrayal of Major Carter even though they are not involved. Yet. Yet is the key word there. Jack said that they would send another team to make an alliance. He also told me that he would come back one day. I know the latter to be a lie. If he came back here he would be betraying her once again, and I know he won’t do that. Now I wait by the Stone Circle. I wait for that other team to come through. Maybe I can learn through them when Major Carter becomes Jacks’ completely. I shall mourn him for 100 days. No more, no less. I will speak to no one, and I will not leave the Stone Circle. At the end of the 100 days I will move from here, and I will speak to people once again. She would mourn him for the rest of her life. Then again she loves him more.


End Notes: I have no idea where that came from. I wrote that at like 4 O'clock this morning. Ain’t insomnia great?

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