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Category: SS -- silly and sappy SJ/Valentine's Day

Rating: PG

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Spoilers: 100 Days and Shades of Gray

Warning: That's right. Valentine's Day. Cynics, run for your lives.


I have email... most of the people I know do. I don't check it obsessively, just every night when I get home. Maybe once or twice at work if things are slow.

It's always the usual. Something Cassie sent me from school. A forward from Daniel. Spam mail, asking me to check out NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES, fake diplomas, and, more often than not, porn.

I got home today in one of my worse moods. The fact that I felt guilty about feeling bad did nothing to improve my mood. It was just that seeing Janet with that huge bouquet of flowers made me realize that I don't have anyone to spent Valentine's Day with. That never really bothered me before - not any more than usual - but this year, it hurt. Especially when I look around and see that it's not work work work for everybody. Janet, Simmons, that cute guy in the cafeteria... love was in the air for them today. Even Colonel O'Neill was acting a little odd -- more odd that usual. I figured that he either had it in mind to ask someone out... or he was thinking about Lara.

For once, I'd desperately hoped it was the former.

Then again, I haven't really been doing anything to keep him out of others' arms. I've virtually been ignoring him. Maybe it's stupid (maybe not) and maybe he doesn't deserve it (maybe he does) but I was hurt. His attitude the last few days hadn't helped things. OK, OK, so it was just an act to catch the mole... but really. Did he have to act THAT rude?

So I've been upset with him. And then I got home and checked my mail, and now I don't know what the hell to think.

Subject: E-Card from Jack O'Neill
Date: 13 Feb 2000 22:57:23

Dear Sam Carter,
Jack O'Neill has sent you a greeting card from, a FREE service committed to keep people in touch. To see your greeting card, choose from any of the following options which works best for you.

-------- Method 1 -------- Just click on the following Internet address (if that doesn't work for you, copy & paste the address onto your browser's address box.)

-------- Method 2 -------- Copy & paste your card number in the view card box at Your card number is L20213225723100

(For your convenience, the greeting card will be available for the next 30 days) If you need any help, write to us at

Regards, Postmaster,

So what do I think now? What do I tell him now? What do I DO now? Tear my hair out? Scream? Click that first button?

The first step, I'm afraid, is admitting that it was easy for me too.



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